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Tobacco-free Insitutional Info

On July 1, 2008, the Iowa Smokefree Air Act of 2008 was implemented. Per the Act, SCC is now 100% smoke-free.

SCC is 100% tobacco-free

Also effective July 1, 2008 The SCC Board of Trustees adopted a 100% tobacco-free policy. This policy includes all forms of tobacco, including smoking and smokeless. This tobacco-free policy covers all property, including buildings, grounds, and vehicles owned or operated by SCC. In addition to smoking being banned in our facilities, it is extended to our grounds. Smoking and chewing tobacco are not allowed in or outside of any building, anywhere outdoors - including inside personal vehicles parked on campus - and on any property owned or operated by SCC.

Information about the Iowa SmokeFree Air Act can be found here:

Persons in violation of SCC's tobacco-free policy may be subject to actions as outlined by the College Code of Conduct found inside the current SCC College Course Catalog, and/or the Iowa Smokefree Air Act of 2008.


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