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One Source Training

Addressing state-wide training needs through the state-wide community college system.

If you are part of a state-wide, regional or state-wide organization with sites in many different locations, your employees may need training that is consistent with all the other sites in the organization.

The solution is ONE SOURCE TRAINING.

All of the community colleges in the state of Iowa are partners in ONE SOURCE to be able to help customers provide consistent training at any site in the state. A large grocery chain felt this was the best way to deliver specialized training for managers to better serve their hispanic customers. With custom materials provided by the chain, a common training session was made available to all the stores in the chain.

ONE SOURCE will also partner with an organization to create the training to be delivered at the many sites across the state.Through consultation, ONE SOURCE will assist in the definition of the appropriate training needs, design of content and delivery of the training.

If state-wide training is your current challenge- ONE SOURCE is the solution.

For more information, call CBIZ.



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