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Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle riding has never been more popular.  With today's high gas prices, many people are looking to cycling as a way to beat the high cost of getting around.  Besides, cycle riding is just plain fun!  But cycling also carries special risks, so before you take to the road, make sure you know how to keep yourself safe.

At our 20-hour weekend motorcycle safety course, you'll learn the basics of safe riding from our experienced, highly trained instructors.  During a Friday evening classroom session, you'll learn about the typical safety situations facing riders and techniques for dealing with them.  Then you'll spend most of Saturday and Sunday on the motorcycle range, perfoming riding exercises that simulate real-life situations, from cornering to obstacles. We provide the motorcycles.

This class is mandatory for riders 16 through 18 years of age who wish to obtain a motorcycle license.  It's also open to anyone of legal riding age who wants to learn how to be a safe cyclist.  Successful completion of the course will allow most riders to obtain their motorcycle license without taking the DOT riding test.

Our instructors love motorcycles, and they're committed to helping you enjoy the sport safely.  Join us for a weekend that could not only help you enjoy an exciting pasttime, but could actually save your life. 


Learn to ride safe

"I wish I had taken this class 45 years ago. I learned a heck of a lot that never crossed my mind, even though I had already passed the Iowa test."

"These instructors are great!  Don't let them get away!"

"I have never driven a manual transmission or been on a bike before and the instructors were fantastic and very helpful and patient."

"I learned more than I could have ever expected.  I began this class with NO knowledge of riding.  I CAN RIDE NOW!! And I learned safe and proper techniques."

"Everyone who rides a motorcycle who hasn't taken this class should do so."


If you wish to view our current course catalog, please click here.

To register by phone, please call 319-208-5375 or 866-SCC-IOWA ext. 5375.

To register by fax or mail, please click here for a printable registration form. (pdf)



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