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Trade & Apprenticeship Programs

CBIZ offers a gateway to trade related training for industry and individuals. We have course work that supports DOL apprenticeship programs and NCCER accredited certification training.

CBIZ currently offers coursework for DOL apprenticeship programs:

Industrial Maintenance, Mechanical
Industrial Maintenance, Electrical
Tool & Die Maker

Our apprenticeship programs are coordinated with an Industrial Trades Apprenticeship Training Committee, representing local employers.   If you have an apprenticeship need in an area not listed, contact Susan Dunek to discuss your program idea.

Trade related training is available in Contruction Technology for individuals and companies.  For more information contact Susan Dunek.


Trade Training? Apprenticeship Training?

Which is Which? Are they one in the same?

Trade Training targets specific skills for a recognized trade.  It can be a registered apprenticeship program, or an accredited trade training program.

Registered Apprenticeship:
Apprenticeship programs meet the Department of Labor (DOL) requirements. 

  • CBIZ provides the related classroom training
  • The sponsoring company provides the "on-the-job" (OJL) learning. 

A typical apprenticeship program runs for 4 years, with 144-160 hours per year of classroom training and up to 8,000 hours of OJL.

Accredited Trade Training:
Accredited programs meet the requirements of a national trade group. Current CBIZ trade programs are based on the guidelines and curriculum fro National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER)




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