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Launch: a college success seminar


SDV 141: Launch: A College Success Seminar

This transferable, 3-hour credit class will help you navigate your first year of college. Learn the ins and outs of college and how to make the most of your college experience.Take the class and you'll learn all about:

Academic Success

Apply strategies for effective college level test-taking, studying, & critical thinking.


Maximize your 1st year experience by using SCC's HawkNet, eCompanion, & Web Advisor.

College Knowledge

Explore the norms, rules, language, & expectations to create a smooth transition to college.

Support Resources

Capitalize on the various SCC resources that can contribute to a successful college experience.



9:40-10:35 MWF or 10:15-11:40 Tu,Th

West Burlington Campus only

Space is limited


For more info about Launch, contact:

To register, contact Enrollment Services or call 319-208-5010.



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