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Disability Services


The Disabilties Coordinator, Shari Smith, is here to assist you in gaining equal access to SCC services. She will also assist you in obtaining classroom accommodations.

Shari SmithThe Disabilities Services Office is the primary office on campus with the specialized knowledge and experience in disability issues. It also is the central location for maintaining information about your disability through written records and staff contact. The Success Center serves students with physical, psychological, medical, and learning disabilities. If you currently have a disability the Disabilities Coordinator can assist you in making the most of your college career.

The Disabilities Coordinator maintains statistics on students with disabilities and advocates to the college administration for improved services, more adaptive equipment, accessible buildings, etc. The Disabilities Coordinator advocates on behalf of students with disabilities. The coordinator also provides information to faculty and staff members regarding needs and the advantages of a team approach in serving students with disabilities.


Description of Disability Services

Faculty consultation: The Disabilities Coordinator works with faculty to facilitate classroom and testing accommodations. Faculty members are encouraged to modify rather than waive specific requirements, so that all students, as much as possible, get the same academic experiences.

Faculty and staff handbook on working with students with disabilities: This handbook is distributed to all faculty and staff members. The handbook provides faculty and staff members with general information on various disabilities. It also gives suggestions for accommodating students with disabilities.

Auxiliary aids: Interpreters, readers, and assistive technology are examples of aids some students with disabilities may need.

Recorded textbooks and other alternative formats: The Success Center can assist students who have vision, learning, or physical disabilities with ordering taped textbooks. It is important for students to register for classes at the earliest possible time and to contact professors regarding reading assignments immediately after registering.

Relationship with community services: The Success Center maintains a close working relationship with community agencies on individual concerns.

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