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The Link

Connecting Education to Careers

Today’s world is in constant change. Making sure that students are prepared to thrive in this environment is critical. They need help to understand career options and what it’s like in the world of work. The best way to do that is through direct contact with business and industry.

THE LINK provides connections for educators, students and business partners in Southeast Iowa including a guide to business resources.


Business Resource

Making connections with business partners to enhance the educational experience is easier than ever. The Link Business Resource guide helps students and educators connect with businesses in the area who are willing to support and participate in career and educational activities.


Your role in helping students prepare for making career choices is vital. Not only do you teach them reading, writing, math and more but also the skills to successfully apply what is taught in the classroom to the real world.


It is never too soon to start planning your future. Exploring careers and career options, choosing a career path, creating a career plan and putting that plan into action begins in elementary school and can continue throughout your working life. 

business partners

You are the consumer of the product education produces. You need a workforce that is prepared with not only the knowledge and skills they learned in the classroom but also the ability to be responsible employees.

regional efforts

School to Career as well as business and education partnerships are supported through the efforts of many groups in the Southeast Iowa region.




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