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Style Guide

Building consistent webpages

This page is designed to help you, the content provider, create webpages for the SCC website. This guide is divided into multiple parts: how to format text,how to write for the web, how to add pictures & graphics.

One of the most important reasons the College has built this site is so that things look crisp, clean, appealing, and most importantly, visually consistent. The informationcontained in these guides will insure that pages across the site look and feel the same.

The Visual Style Guide shows how to follow consistent page layout explains how & where to use the various paragraphformats andtext styles.

The Photo and Graphic Guide explains how and when touse pictures, graphics,logos and more. Sometimes the using wrong picture is worse than notusing anypicture. This guidehelps you decide if what you have will do what you want it to do.

The Writing for the Web Guide contains help on grammar, special words and phrases, spelling and capitalization,and College-specific bits. Plus writing for the web is adifferent styleof writing - it's usually more to the point and informal.You'll findsome useful links to other sites on how to master writing for web.

I've fallen and I can't get up!

This CMS system has a pretty powerful help feature. Just click on the little blue help button way up in the very top right corner. You can browse through categories or even do a simple word search.

Let the problem be the teacher! Visit 'help' today!

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