Creative Arts Workshop

Creative Arts Day

Focus on your creative skills at the SCC Creative Arts Workshop.

Participate in college-level, hands-on workshops taught by SCC instructors.

October 3, 2023
10 am - 1:15 pm
Lunch Provided

Choose two workshops to attend.

Spots are limited so register ASAP!




Build Your Own Audio Effects Pedal

Dr. Daniel Pappas
Music Instructor

Build Your Own Audio Effects Pedal - Learn about audio effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, and more. Try them out using an audio effects pedal before building your own custom effects chain. Things will start simple before getting out of control! 


Intro to Paperless Animation

Tyler Horn
Assistant Professor

In this workshop students will learn the basics of creating hand drawn digital animation. Students will use a graphics display tablet to create animations frame by frame using a computer


Take the Wheel

John Bybee
Art Professor

Plan to have fun and get muddy in this workshop as we explore the basics of wheel throwing!  In addition to your hands-on wheel throwing exercises, John Bybee will demonstrate how to throw many classic forms with clay.  This workshop will help you build skills and be more successful with your future explorations into clay. 


Share Your Story 

Carlene Woodside
Interactive & Social Media Marketing Professor

Start your “Story” using video and photos from your cell phone using iMovie. Then upload to your favorite platform.



Tim Van Ginkel
Associate Art Professor

In this workshop, students will learn about contact prints and how they are created. We will generate an image using found objects and stencils and create a cyanotype from those materials..