Creative Arts Workshop

Creative Arts Day

Focus on your creative skills at the SCC Creative Arts Workshop.

We're sorry! Registration for our 2022 event is closed.

We'll see you next time for more workshops like these!


Match Maker Workshop: Exploring Color

Red and blue make purple. Blue and yellow make green. But there is so much more to see and create than these simple combinations. Explore ways to make your art pop with this color creating workshop.


Laser Cut Designs: Create Objects from 2D Materials 

Since the beginning of time, artists have found creative ways to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. See how a laser engraver can be used to create art objects from 2-D materials like plexiglass, cardboard, and wood.

In this session we will use laser cut shapes to design our own works of art. 


Animation Workshop: Introduction to 2D Animation

SCC creates grads who move on to careers in animation. Have fun in this session where we'll explore the basics of animation.


Selfie Invasion: Become an Avatar 

Who needs filters when you can create fun photos from scratch? Bring a picture or two of yourself and create your avatar using Photoshop.


A.I. Music - Design an Electronic Instrument That Makes Music On Its Own!

The music workshop lasts all day. No need to choose two sessions!

Ever wondered what future music will sound like, or who might be creating it? Come take a look in our crystal ball and design your very own A.I. Music Machine using Empress Effects Modular Instrument the ZOIA.