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CBIZ's philosophy of "lifelong learning" - sustaining personal growth, expanding horizons, and making new friends is well represented in this varied array of continuing education courses focusing on applied arts, music, history, pets, fitness, culinary and home and garden. There are no tests and no academic requirements. Informal class sessions encourage comments, questions, and lively discussions.

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General Interest

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Course Date
Welding Art 101 12/9/2023
Introduction to Bow Hunting 9/28/2023
Introduction to Milling & Sawing 10/12/2023
Discover Sign Language Series Online
Introduction to Interior Design Online


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Course Date
Discover Digital Photography Online
Photography Suite Online


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Course Date
AutoTech Clinic 10/21/2023
Welding Bootcamp 10/21/2023
Super Sitter 11/4/2023


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Course Date
Real Estate Investing Online
Introduction to Stock Options Online


General Interest

Welding Art 101
Learn the basics of joining metal pieces through  MIG welding. In this class you will make an art  project with a limited number of horse shoes  and learn the basic weld. Come with ideas or  suggestions to share. Participants must  wear cotton long-sleeve clothes and leather,  closed-toe shoes. Those with medium to long hair  must tie back. Safety glasses, welding gloves,  jackets, and helmets will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own.

#91093   $69
  SCC WB, 701 S Kershner
  S, Dec 9 8 AM - 3 PM




Introduction to Bow Hunting
Introduction to Bowhunting is a hunting education program focusing on interactions with people and wildlife. Introduction to  Bowhunting will help students learn basic skills used to bow hunt which focus on getting close to the animal. Introduction to Bowhunting will teach  the basics of scouting, stand placement, tracking and game recovery and give the students the knowledge and confidence to begin their bowhunting journey.

#91288   $129
  SCC CBIZ, 112 Z Cornick
  Th, Sep 23
S, Sep 30

6 - 9 PM
8 AM - Noon

Introduction to Milling and Sawing
Learn the basics about how to saw and mill your own lumber.  This class will teach you basics about how to run a saw mill.  The student will learn how to grading logs, scaling to determine board feet and how to make the different cuts to make quality lumber. The class will consist of both classroom learning as well as practical experience in the field.

#91332   $79
  SCC WB, 519 A Raub
  Th, Oct 12
S, Oct 14
6 - 9 PM
8 AM - Noon



Discover Sign Lanugage Series
Gain confidence in your ability to sign with the Deaf community. This course bundle will help you understand the perspective of the hearing impaired through use of videos to demonstrate how to make signs and communicate by facial expression.

Online Ed2Go $199


Introduction to Interior Design
Learn to transform plain living spaces into beautiful and functional rooms. This course will teach you how to design every aspect of a room while taking into account color theory, industry trends, special arrangements, floor plans, design ideas, and interior design basics. 

Online Ed2Go $115




Discover Digital Photography
Gain the skills you need to take great photos with your digital camera and never miss a memorable moment again. This course is an informative introduction to digital photography, from DSLRs to smart phone cameras.

Online Ed2Go $100

Photography Suite
Learn the art of taking a great photo. In this series, you will not only learn how to decide which is the best type of equipment to use, but you will also master the use of your DSLR camera a you learn how the technology can help you take beautiful portraits and action shots of people. You will get a crash course in all the features and controls on your camera that can be used to elevate your photos and learn photo editing techniques for professional-looking images. By the end of this series, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled photographer.

Online Ed2Go $299



AutoTech Clinic
Do you have a love for cars, or just want to learn the basics?  Join us and get your hands dirty learning how to change tires, do oil changes, and general mechanical tasks.  You will learn from industry professionals and explore different career oppurtunities.  No experience necessary; you will learn the basics on up.  Come with experience or broaden your skills.

#91408   $49
  SCC WB, 509 W Carpenter
  S, Oct 21 & 28 9 AM - Noon




Super Sitter
This class is designed to give boys and girls, aged 11 years and older, the knowledge and experience to be super babysitters. Safety, first aid, positive guidance, and play activities will be emphasized. PLEASE SEND SACK LUNCH WITH CHILD, a meal will NOT be provided.

#91098   $59
  SCC Keokuk, 302 J Ita
  S, Nov 4 8:30 AM - 3 PM




Welding Bootcamp
Shape steel like a pro. Learn basic welding and get real, hands-on experience using ARC and MIG welding machines.  Discover from industry professionals  in the field about career potential in our community.  New skills for repeat attendees.  Participants must wear cotton, long-sleeve clothes, and leather, closed-toe shoes.  Medium to long hair must be tied back.  Safety glasses, welding gloves, jackets, and helmets are provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own.

#91096   $49
  SCC WB, 701 S Kershner
  S, Oct 21 & Nov 11 9 AM - Noon





Real Estate Investing
Discover how to make money in real estate, even if you have little to start with. This course includes specially designed worksheets and hands-on activities to take the guesswork out of your investing in the real estate market.

Online Ed2Go $100


Introduction to Stock Options
Learn to evaluate, buy, sell and profit from stocks. This course will arm you with investment tools that were once thought to be only for the pros as you learn how to protect your portfolio and profit in the down market, an up market, or even a flat market.

Online Ed2Go $129



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