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Professional Health Care

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Course Date
Basic Life Support for HCP 6/15/2020
Basic Life Support for HCP 7/20/2020
Basic Life Support for HCP 8/17/2020
Medication Aide 5/27/2020 (Online)
Medication Manager 5/27/2020 (Online)
Medication Manager 7/13/2020 (Online)
Phlebotomy 6/9/2020
Nurse Aide Review 6/12/2020
Nurse Aide Review 7/17/2020
Nurse Aide 5/1/2020 (Hybred)

Professional Health Care

Basic Life Support for HCP
The BLS for Healthcare Provider class is designed to teach the skills of CPR and relief of foreign airway obstruction appropriate for use with victims of all ages. This course follows the American Heart Association guidelines for those required to be trained in Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider CPR including nursing students and various health care providers. Includes AHA workbook. To register for this class, call 319-208-5391.

#73780 4 Hours, 1 Session $69.00
  SCC WB,118 Josh Kramer
  Monday, Jun 15 5 - 9 PM




#73781 4 Hours, 1 Session $69.00
  SCC WB,118 Josh Kramer
  Monday, Jul 20 5 - 9 PM




#73782 4 Hours, 1 Session $69.00
  SCC WB,118 Josh Kramer
  Monday, Aug 17 5 - 9 PM




Medication Aide
This is a 46-hour class with a 10-hour clinical, totaling 56 hours, to prepare individuals to safely administer medications in long-term care and residential care facilities. Successful completion qualifies the participants to pass medication according to regulatory standards. Applicant must be employed at least six months in the sponsoring facility, be recommended by their facility, and, if CAN, must be eligible on the DCW Registry if employed in a certified nursing facility. All other applicants must provide recommendation from their administrator at the facility where they are employed. Text is available in SCC bookstore and is not included in cost of tuition. The CORE Training Certificate MUST be completed prior to the first day of class. It can be accessed at To register for this class, call 319-208-5391.

#73841 46 Hours $500.00
  Mon & Wed, May 27 - Jul 7  




Medication Manager
This 15-hour class is designed to certify persons to administer medications or supervise the client who self-administers non-parenteral medications in 15-bed or fewer residential care facilities, supervised apartment living, and community-supported living arrangements. The course content, approved by the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals, covers rules/regulations for all three types of facilities. Required: Drug reference text less than 4 years old. Suggested texts are Davis Drug Guide for Nurses or Nursing 2019 Drug Reference. To register for this class, call 319-208-5391.

#73843 15 Hours, 5 Sessions $125.00
  Online Cheryl Sime
  Mon & Wed, May 27 - Jun 10  




#73844 15 Hours, 5 Sessions $125.00
  Online Cheryl Sime
  Mon & Wed, Jul 13 - 27  




This class of 60-classroom hours and 40-externship hours will prepare students to function as a phlebotomist in a medical laboratory setting. Background check is required and will be explained at the first class meeting. Textbook available in SCC bookstore. To register for this class, call 319-208-5391.

#73845 60 Hours, 20 Sessions $595.00
  SCC WB,205 Michelle Wright
  Tue & Thu, Jun 9 - Aug 13 5 - 8 PM




Nurse Aide Review
This 8-hour class is for students who have completed the Nursing Assistant course, have been on the registry in the past, or simply want a refresher prior to taking the state test. Includes a practice written test and discussion with the rest of the day devoted to practicing skills in preparation for the skills test. The student receives an updated copy of the skills book with step-by-step instruction and information on contacting the Direct Care Worker Registry in the future. To register for this class, call 319-208-5391.

#73847 8 Hours, 1 Session $99.00
  SCC WB,119 Darla Boeding
  Friday, Jun 12 8 AM - 4:30 PM




#73848 8 Hours, 1 Session $99.00
  SCC WB,119 Darla Boeding
  Friday, Jul 17 8 AM - 4:30 PM




Nurse Aide
This course is comprised of the state approved curriculum and labatory module with the skills component. The class includes 32 hours of clinical training in a long term facility, 20 lab hours, and 36 hours of lecture. Students must attend a minimum of 30 clinical hours and 15 lab hours in order to pass the class. The course also includes a module on confidentiality, professionalism, and communications. Clinical schedule will be arranged by the instructor and dates given the students on the first day of class and may include weekend hours. To register for this class please call 319.208.5391

  88 Hours $907.50
  Hybred Anderson/Boeding
  Jun 1 - Jul 27 Labs & Clinical TBA




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